Successful Business Women – It Doesn’t Have to Be a Men’s World

For many years, women have struggled to get equal pay and representation in the working world. Even if women no longer have to worry about their right to vote or the right to pursue jobs in certain fields, sexism in the workplace is still something women deal with every day. However, just because women today still wrangle with a gap in pay doesn’t mean that they can’t become successful business women. Success is a mindset, and even of today’s most auspicious women had to start somewhere.

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Lillian Vernon is a name most households are familiar with. This catalog sells housewares and accessories, and is known for its personalization features. What most people don’t know is that the founder of this prevalent company started with one woman, Lillian Hochburg, in her own home in 1951. Taking a chance and placing an expensive ad in a popular magazine, Lillian offered to sell items she had purchased with wedding-gift money. Marketing these items she would personalize herself, Lillian’s ad made her over $30,000. She went on to build her company from these humble beginnings, proving that successful business women know that faith in a decision is paramount to its fruition.

Mary Kay Ash is another example of the successful business women whose companies are a household name. Frustrated when she was denied a promotion in favor of a male employee she herself had trained, she wrote a book intended to help struggling businesswomen like herself. Turning the book into a business plan for her own ideal company, she and her husband started up cosmetics company in 1963. Running her company using the Golden Rule as a cornerstone, she urged the women in her employ to help others, and to work to keep their lives in balance, never putting it before their lives or happiness.

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There is no fool-proof formula for becoming one of these successful business women, but any woman looking to get ahead in today’s world can learn a few important lessons from women like Lillian Hochburg and Mary Kay Ash. Tenacity, inventiveness, and a genuine desire to make the world a better place are always good values to include in any attempt toward self-improvement. While the glass ceiling of the business world remains in place even today, it does not have to be impenetrable. There are plenty of women in the world who are proof that success does not have to have anything to do with gender.


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  1. Posted October 18, 2010 at 6:10 pm |

    The corporate women and female leaders that run into me often make the mistake of trying to fit in as opposed to creating their own fit. Obviuosly the two women that you mentioned also persued this course. I think we often make success harder than it needs to be so the first step is to become more of whom you really are